Wrestling's "The Sheik"

The Sheik
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The Sheik was known as wrestling's greatest villain. He fought the biggest names in the biggest venues.


Wrestling fans........It's NOW AVAILABLE !!!!!!!!


Wrestling fans from all over the world have been anxiously waiting for this item. 

  Rare Sheik footage from bouts throughout The Sheik's 30 year plus career.
  You'll get the back story from interviews with "Supermouth" Dave Drason, bodyguard
      Dennis Waggner, international writer Hal Sullivan, writer/historian Brian Bukantis
      and others involved.

BONUS FOOTAGE on this 2 DVD set include:
  --Supermouth Dave Drason speaks
  --A history of wrestling advertisements covering decades
  --The 'Big Three' commentary
  --We recommend these....
  --The Sheik vs Bobo Brazil with commentary
  --The Sheik vs Louis Martinez with commentary
  --George 'Crybaby' Cannon scrapbook, courtesy of Hal Sullivan

ALL THIS FOLKS IN THIS 2 DVD SET---ONLY $30.00 plus Shipping and Handling. When ordering please specify your country - shipping prices vary from country to country.

We thank you for your interest.




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